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R, Programming Language for Data and Statistical Analysis


Lecturers, Researchers or Students usually know SPSS, SAS, or MINITAB as a package program (software) for cooking Statistical data, & I’ll bet that the one used is usually a pirated version.  Indeed, these programs are relatively expensive for lecturers, researchers, especially Indonesian students, the price can be juxtaposed using the price of a moped.  Actually, there is no need to hijack or buy pirated versions for Statistical data processing programs, because now there are open source events that can be downloaded for free, using the capabilities & displays of graphis interfaces (GUI – Graphic User Interface) that are not inferior to using these commercial events.

R is one based on open origin events that can be downloaded for free on http://cran.r-project.org/, whose official website is located on the http://www.r-project.org/.  R was first created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman (- the name R from according to the first letter of the first names of these two people-), They are Statisticians from New Zealand, while now R was developed as an effort to cooperate with statisticians & personal computers around the world.  R was first launched in 1997, and the last version as of this writing is 3.0.1.  In Indonesia to download this software can be through a server owned by BPPT or LIPI, usually when we download R, we are asked to determine the names of the nearest countries as mirror servers so that the download process can be faster, then it is recommended that you choose Indonesia if it is in Indonesia or surrounding countries.

Tinn-R GUI view

In addition to perdeo, of course, there are many other R advantages, namely: – R is available for various operating systems other than Windows, such as Macintosh, Linux and UNIX; – has the ability to create sophisticated graphiks; – the syntax is easy to learn with many statistical functions installed; – R can be easily expanded by building the user’s own prosthetic functions in addition to the many small programs available to be additional (add-in), which is claimed to be a package that can also be downloaded perdeo; R is a personal computer programming language, so for programmers as more familiar, while for the initial user it will be an easy step to start becoming a computer programmer.  For some users who are accustomed to using a GUI with a serving system, R also provides a poly GUI based on the dish system, including R Studio, Tinn-R, R Commander and other people, and can be downloaded perdeo as well.  The standard GUI R is shown the image above that accompanies this article.  Although R is free, its capabilities are not inferior to commercial statistical package programs, even in certain respects it is better.  The use of R is limited, and can even be used for commercial purposes.  The advantages of R are what may result in R’s commercial twin S-Plus as suspended animation.

GUI R Studio view

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, R also has disadvantages that is, – R does not provide commercial support, although maybe this can be overcome using following the mailing list R, which helps a lot if you face a certain case; – because R is actually a programming language, it is needed when getting used to using its syntax, which for some people may be a creepy thing.  Even so, you can use a GUI based on the menu system & it is very helpful.  Blog R which is managed in Indonesian is located in http://bahasa-r.blogspot.com/, English-language webblogs are widely scattered in the virtual world, including: http://www.r-bloggers.com/, http://digitheadslabnotebook.blogspot.com/ and many others, just try googling.  R is also present on wikipedia please click on this address, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R_(programming_language).

So if there is a free one, mangapa programming r Kita uses an illegal program.

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