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R Programming Language

R PROGRAMMING LANGUAGER is a programming language and software for statistical & graph analysis. R was created by programming r Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and is now developed by the R Development Core Team, of which Chambers is a member. R is named partly after the names of its two makers (Robert Gentleman & Ross Ihaka), and partly after the name S.The R language is now the de facto standard among statisticians for statistical software development, and is widely used for statistical software development and data analysis.R is part of the GNU project. The source code is freely available under the GNU General Public License, and binary versions of its precompilements are available for a variety of operating systems. R uses a command line interface, although some graphical user interfaces are also available.R provides a variety of statistical techniques (linear & nonlinear modeling, classical statistical tests, series analysis when, classification, clustering, & so on) and graphs. R, like S, is designed as the computer’s actual personal language, and allows its users to add additional functions using defining new functions. Another great strength based on R is its graphics facility, which forms charts with publication quality that can contain mathematical symbols. R has a documentation format such as LaTeX, which is used to provide complete documentation, both online (in various formats) and in print.

Statistical Computing  is a part according to computer personal science that focuses on implementing statistical methods computationally on computers. This field became a kind of liaison between statistical science and computer science.  Some models that are often used are genetic breakdown procedures for optimization, principal component analysis for structured division about, discrete event simulation for operational research and so on.

Software for Statistical Computing is generally divided into two groups, namely: commercial application group & open source / freeware group. Both groups generally support the use of serving-driven or line-command. Some of the popular commercial statistical application models in Indonesia are SPSS, MINITAB, STATA, SAS, and Splus. While examples based on open source / freeware groups include R, Vista, SalStat, PSPP, & others.

R, Programming Language for Data and Statistical analysis

Lecturers, Researchers or Students generally know SPSS, SAS, or MINITAB as a package program (software) for cooking Statistical data, and I’ll bet that the one used is usually a pirated version.  Indeed, these programs are quite expensive for the size of Lecturers, Researchers, especially Indonesian Students, the price can be juxtaposed using the price of a moped.  Actually, it is not necessary to hijack or buy pirated versions for Statistical data processing programs, because now there are open source events that can be downloaded for free, using the capabilities and displays of graphis interfaces (GUI – Graphic User Interface) that are not inferior to using these commercial events.

R is error one according to the open origin event that can be downloaded for free dihttp://cran.r-project.org/, whose official website is located on the http://www.r-project.org/.  R was first created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman (- the name R from according to the first letter of the first names of these two people-), They are Statistics from New Zealand, while now R developed into a collaboration of statisticians & personal computers around the world.  R was first launched in 1997, and the last version when this writing was made was three.0.1.  In Indonesia to download this software can be through a server owned by BPPT or LIPI, generally when we download R, we are asked to determine the names of the nearest countries to be a mirroragar server the download process can be faster, then it is recommended that you choose Indonesia if it is in Indonesia or surrounding countries.

In addition to free of course there are other advantages of R, namely: – R is available for many operating systems other than Windows, for example Macintosh, Linux and UNIX; – has the ability to create sophisticated graphics; – the syntax is easy to learn using poly installed statistical functions; – R can be easily expanded using forming user-generated functions in addition to poly mini-events as an addition (add in), which is called a package that can also be downloaded for free; R is a personal computer programming language, as a result for programmers as more familiar, while for early users it will be an easy step to start becoming a computer programmer.  For some users who are accustomed to using a GUI using the dish system, R also provides poly GUI based on the serving system, including R Studio, Tinn-R, R Commander & bayak others, and can be downloaded for free as well.  The standard GUI R is shown by the image above that accompanies the stroke of this pen.  Although R is free its ability is no less useful using commercial statistical package programs, even in certain respects it is better.  The use of R is restricted, it can even be used for commercial purposes.  The advantages of R are what may result in R’s commercial twin S-Plus as suspended animation.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, R also has disadvantages that is, – R nir provides commercial support, although maybe this can be overcome using following the mailing list R, which poly helps if you face certain problems; – the because R is actually a programming language then it is expected when familiar with the syntax, which for some people may be a scary thing.  Even so, you can use a GUI based on the dish system and that’s very helpful.

Advantages and Features of R

R has its own characteristics, which always starts with the prompt “>”in the console.R has several advantages and features that are sophisticated and useful,Including:- effective in data management and storage facilities. The file sizeIt is much more mini than other software.- complete in the array calculation operator,- complete and consists of an integrated collection of statistical tools for analysisdata, among others, starting narrative statistics, probability functions, various kinds oftypes of statistical tests, up to the time series.- attractive and flexible or costumized graphic display- can be developed in sync with the needs and needs and nature thatopen, anyone can add additional features to the shapepackage to R softwareIn addition to the advantages and completeness of its features, the other most important thing is, Rmultiplatform, that is, it can be installed and used well in the operating systemWindows, UNIX/LINUX are also on Macintosh. For two operating systemsThe last one requires a little adjustment.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, R is supported by a community that is activelyinteract with each other over the Internet and supported by the manual or Rhelpwhich is integrated in the R application.For the record, this book takes the example of the use of R in Windows-based systems.

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