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Learning R Programming From Where? Check out 4 Important Guidelines for Beginners

Learning R programming starts based on where? This question is a question that is not uncommon to find when anyone wants to start learning Data Science, especially using the R language. The Data Scientist prprogramming r ofession even Data Analyst even uses programming languages in cooking data. There are many types of languages that can be used, one of which is R Programming Language. Not only for analysis, R language can also be used for data visualization. When you decide to create a data learning course, R language will undoubtedly be a mandatory list that you will learn later because of the importance of gait based on this language.Are you interested and increasingly wondering to check the R language? This article will answer your question because DQLab will spread the word about the R Programming language. Let’s take a deeper look at what the R!1 language is. About R Programming Language at a GlanceR is a statistical programming language that can be used for the analysis and manipulation of statistical data (statistical modeling), & graphs. R Programming Language is an open source data processing tool. What is meant by open source is a programming language that perdeo to use and can be modified by anyone, so that the R language has many active users around the world who contribute to its development.  Some applications such as SPSS, Minitab, SAS, EViews, & so on, need to pay some money, to get to use it, while R perdeo. In addition, R’s flexibility makes this language the best choice for conducting complex data management and statistical analysis for the benefit of organizations in a wide variety of fields. R is also available to install on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.Also read: Data Learning Course with R Language for Beginners2. R Programming Language FunctionsFor some people, maybe still do not know and know what functions and gait based on the R programming language, especially in global statistics, especially for researchers, academics, and companies that need programs to cook data. As already explained that the R programming language serves to do all things related using statistics or mathematics. But in addition, there are many functions and roles according to R language that you can maximize, for example:In the field of data management, R is used to make:Import dataData observationData mergingData preparationAssessment of data quality by identifying outliersIn statistical summaries, R helps describe the distribution of a variable. For example: means, medians, standard deviations, & skewness.In statistical tests, R can produce means tests, proportion tests, association tests, & distributional tests.In the process of statistical data analysis, with a customized plot graph display and density function graph that can be practiced using a histogram. Suitable for use in the field of statistics, economics, and others.3. How to Download and Install R Programming LanguageWe can download R software perdeo through bppt or LIPI server. When downloading R, we will usually be asked to specify the names of the nearest countries as mirror servers. Well, after we are a little familiar with the R programming language, the next step is to install the R & R studio system environment as an IDE to make it easier for us when coding later. Here are the installation steps R:The first step that we must do is to open the R CRAN web mirror page in Indonesia at the link https://repo.bppt.go.id/cran/bin/windows/base/Then, click the Download R3 link. *.* for Windows (Assuming using Windows OS), and make sure the downloading process is complete.After that we install the archive that has been downloaded in step 2 on the PC / Laptop according to the OS version owned (64 bits or 32 bits).When the installation process has been completed using sahih, the R icon will appear on the desktop.After that, you are also advised to install the implementation of RStudio. RStudio is an additional app that helps you read coding more easily. In addition, RStudio also has a better look than the built-in R application. R Studio can be downloaded on https://www.rstudio.com/4. Package Installation in R Programming LanguageR has a packages library that is able to make it easier for users to perform calculations or simulations as a result there is no need to create programs or functions based on the beginning. R has 7000+ packages that are free to use. These packages allow you to do:Complex statistical analysisEconometricsOptimizationMachine Learning model creationAnd the creation of simulation techniques.To install packages, type in the console editor install.packages(“packages name”), and then press enter. Then R Studio will automatically download & install the packages based on the CRAN website. To install these packages we must be connected using the internet. After the packages are installed we can run them on R by typing the script library (packages name) in the console editor, and then press Enter.Read also : Learning Data Science: R Programming Language Is Suitable for Beginners5. Let’s Learn R Programming Language With DQLab Start based on 0!Well, that’s some short guide to the R programming language to how to install it. If you are a student, researcher, or practitioner who works exclusively using data, then DQLab strongly recommends that you start learning R language. R ability will greatly help data analysis, especially when considering the speed of data and information that is now faster by day. How? Interesting isn’t it? In that case, what are you waiting for, Let’s start learning R & build your data portfolio to become a reliable Data Scientist using joining DQLab.id now!Author: Salsabila Miftah REditor : Annissa Widya Davita

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