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Getting to Know R Programming Language and Its Advantages – Caraguna

Know R Programming Language – hello guys, what are the facts? On this occasion, will discuss a little about one of the relatively well-known programming programming r languages used for data analysis in large quantities. Especially if it is not an R programming language. This one language can be accessed for free (open source). Users according to the R language are very active all over the world which contributes to its development. R flexibility results in R’s best choice for conducting complex data management and statistical analysis for the benefit of organizations in various fields.

R language is not infrequently implemented in the field of e-commerce that has the origin of compound data such as spreadsheets and SQL databases and noSQL. E-commerce companies can use R to conduct cross-selling analysis using their data. From the results of this analysis, companies can provide product recommendations that are in accordance with consumer shopping norms. This recommendation can later increase sales for your company. That’s one of the reasons why learning the R programming language benefits you and your company so much.

What is the R programming language?

R programming language also considered as GNU S is a programming language & application for testing, cooking, and analyzing statistical data, graphs, data science. The R language was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. But today, the R language was developed by the R Development Core Team, of which Chambers is a member. Basically, the R language is almost the same as the S language or what we often call SPSS software. R is an integrated software unit using several facilities for manipulation, calculation, and reliable graphic appearance.

Many large companies require data scientists using the R programming language to cook and analyze the company’s data to be the basis for business process policy making. Most e-commerce companies can use the R language to perform cross-selling analysis using their data. So according to the results of this analysis, the company can provide recommendations that can later increase sales for a company.

R programming language is a multi-platform language. So you can use this language on various operating systems such as windows, mac, and linux. In addition, applications according to the R programming language (RStudio) supported by the community are actively connecting between each other using the internet. Advantages of R programming language

After knowing what the R programming language is, then you need to know what are the advantages according to the language that is often said to be effective for handling data in a company, namely the R language.Syntax or program code in the R language is easy to learn and many statistical functions are installed.Very effective in data management & storage facilities. In addition, the size of the archive stored is much more mini than other applications.Has a complete array calculation.Consists of a collection of statistical tools that are integrated for data analysis. Among them ranging from descriptive statistics, probability functions, and a lot of statistical tests to time series.The appearance of the graphics is interesting, although it can be changed.Can be developed in sync with needs and needs that are open, meaning that everyone can add additional features in the form of packages into R software.R belongs to one type of computer programming language. If you are a programmer, it will certainly be very easy to adjust and learn this language.For some GUI users using the menu system, R also provides poly GUI based on menu systems, including RStudio, Tinn-R, R Commander, and many others.R users are not restricted, and can even be used for commercial purposes.

Well, that’s some brief description of what is the R programming language. if there is something to ask or something to say, please comment in the comments column below, thank you.

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