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Example of R Language: Getting to Know the Basics of R Programming and Examples of Its Application

The use of technology today almost touches all lines both in industry, health, banking, government, and still oprogramming r ther poly. This evolving technology is not separated from the use of programming languages that have many choices such as C ++, Python, R, php, & so on. Every programming language certainly has advantages and disadvantages that are the reason for users to apply it. R language is a well-known error among data practitioners such as data scientists. R language can facilitate the process of processing statistical data & analysis as the daily food of a data scientist.In looking at the R language, of course, it takes a lot of time and must be consistent. Moreover, for beginners will often encounter difficulties because they are not used to it. If you want to become a data scientist, then R programming skills must be mastered. This will open up many opportunities because R is widely applied in the company. Well, this article will discuss the basics of R programming and examples of its application to companies. Come on, check out the discussion below!1. Getting to know RStudioRStudio is a generic R programming software used by developers. RStudio is a user friendly interface consisting of console, R script editor, R environment, and graphical output. Tools in RStudio allow for plotting, data processing, debugging, & workspace management. RStudio also allows for automation of report creation using various formats such as word or pdf using using available packages. There is also a Shiny plugin that is used to create interactive data visualizations and can be used as a dashboard for others to access using the internet browser. Machine learning that is famous today can also be made using the R language. Download RStudio first and then run the installer and follow the steps of the installation process. Try running to make sure if the software has been installed using either.Also read: Data Learning Course with R Language for Beginners2. Basic R Programming LanguageSome of the basics of the R programming language are:VariableVariables on R such as using other programming languages with writing budgets are mandatory variables in the form of combinations of grand and mini letters, numbers, points, and underscores, cannot use spaces, and avoid the same word using commands on R such as IF, Else, While, Function, True, False, and so on. Numeric variables & characters use the operator ‘=’ or ‘<-' in their writing.VectorIn R, vector is a 1-dimensional array that can store data with one variable only and accessed using an index. The index at R starts with the number 1 instead of 0. In R the vector initialization uses the c() function which is an abbreviation based on combine.OperatorThe operators used in R are the same using other programming languages, namely there are arithmetic operators such as '+' for addition, comparison operators such as '!=' are the same non-use, & reason operators such as '&' for AND algorithms.three. Function in R LanguageFunction is an arrangement of codes to perform exclusive tasks such as arithmetic calculations, statistical analysis, and so on. The function structure in R is to be the following:nama_fungsi <-function(argument1, argument2,...)statementsreturn(object)With information:nama_fungsi is the naming of the functionargument is a function inputstatements are the body of functions containing commandsreturn is a command to define output based on a functionLooping or iteration functions on R are also not uncommon to use. Some looping functions are to be the followingwhile is a function that will perform the command code as long as the conditions given are valid and test the conditions before performing the code command.for is the same function as while but tests the condition at the end of the command.Repeat is a function that performs code commands over and over again.break to stop the loop command.next to simulate the switch command in R.4. Examples of R Language ImplementationR poly language is implemented to cook big data, data visualization, statistical modeling and also build machine learning of the developer or data scientist. R language can be used by the company to conduct cross-selling analysis where from the output of the company's analysis can put product recommendations based on consumer shopping habits. The world's major companies already use R, including Google, Facebook, Bing, Mozilla, NOVARTIS, The New York Times, ANZ, ORBITZ, and so on.Read also : Learning Data Science: R Programming Language Suitable for Beginners5. Deepen R Programming Skills using Real Case StudiesThe law must deepen the R programming language skills if you want to be a data scientist. Diligent learning, consistent, and not infrequently practicing is the key to mastering the R programming language. Beginners who want to learn R language can be from various origins both online and based on books. Taking an R programming course is also a good choice for beginners because learning will be more structured and poly case studies given to hone skills. Don't forget to start building a data portfolio to attract recruiters. This is quite crucial to highlight your ability. Come on, join DQLab.id to start learning R language with professional data mentors!Author: Dita KurniasariEditor: Annissa Widya

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